Pubg Mobile zero.15.5 Update Is Here !! Pubg Mobile New Update zero.15.5 New Tips And Tricks

  • New Gun: MP5K 
  • New TDM Map: Ruins 
  • Royale Pass Season 10: Apocalypse 

The new Update for 0.15.5 will be accessible beginning November eighth, the server won't be taken disconnected for this update. This update requires around 0.21 GB of extra room on Android and 0.24 GB of extra room on iOS. Players on various variants can't welcome each other, so please update as quickly as time permits.

Update to the new latest version between November eighth and fourteenth to get: 

  • 20 Silver 
  • 2,000 BP 
  • 1 Blue Glider Trail
1. Royale Pass Season 10: Fury of the Wasteland

- All new rewards 

- Requests have been relaunched and Royale Pass would now be able to be skilled. 

- The Royale Pass Upgrade Card would now be able to be utilized legitimately in the Pass Upgrade page. 

- Improved UI for Royale Pass

2. New Team Deathmatch map: Ruins

Another TDM-selective map, "Remnants", is live: Mysterious antiquated ruins covered up in a rainforest. With thick vegetation and winding ways, it's dependent upon the players to clash with foes, or stir together to set up a fortification! 

3. New weapon MP5K: 

- The MP5K is a versatile SMG that just shows up in Vikendi, supplanting the Vector. 

- The MP5K has a high pace of fire at 900 RPM and has exceptional enemy of backlash capacities. 

- The MP5K has a base harm of 33 and can be furnished with all connections (Tactical Stock, Mags, Attachments, Scopes, Foregrips, and Laser Sights).

4.New vehicle Zima:
-         Zima replaces the UAZ in Vikendi (Vikendi exclusive).

-         Although it is more challenging to operate the Zima in snowy terrain, it is easier to drive than other 4-wheeled vehicles, making it more practical.

-         The Zima is slower than other vehicles but more resistant to damage and can be used for alternate strategies.

5.Season System: Added Tier Protection Card rewards to the Platinum and Crown tiers. After reaching the Ace tier, players can earn one star for every 100 points they gain. The icon changes with the number of stars:
-        Copper: 1-5 stars

-        Silver: 6-10 stars

-        Gold: 11 stars or more

6.New Player 8-Day Rewards: Updated 8-Day rewards for new players to add Finishes, Trails, Classic Crate Vouchers and other rewards.

7.Companion System (Coming Soon): the Falcon.

Coming soon, players will have the option to gather materials for the Falcon in the reclamation occasion for nothing. Players can likewise get more Companion Shards in the Shop or from the Royale Pass to get the Falcon, Falcon Avatar, Companion Food and different things. 

8.New Character (Coming Soon): Vehicle Engineer - Sara.

Another character is not far off! 

Vehicle Engineer - Sara 

Her capacity, Vehicle Enhancement, diminishes the harm taken by vehicles when she is driving or riding in a vehicle in EVO Modes.

9.Changed Arcade mode accessibility 

- Mini-Zone will be brought down incidentally 

- Quick Match will be accessible consistently 

- Sniper Training will presently be accessible on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 

- War mode will presently be accessible on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays

1.Team recruitment channel improvements:
-        Added tier and language requirements to team recruitments so that the recruiting player can set team-up conditions, e.g. only players at the Silver tier or higher can join.

-        Added a filter feature that allows players to view team recruitments based on mode/server/microphone and language.

2.Clan Improvements:
-        Added Clan member status to the Clan to show their recent status. This includes Clan members' outstanding results, highest tier first reached better achievements/titles/items, RP purchases, participation in specific events and Clan Perks issued, etc.

-        Improved the Clan Chat to add a Clan member sidebar in the chat window and display clan chats, team recruitments, and member status.

-        Added a Clan Rankings portal in the Clan page that is displayed to players who haven't joined a Clan so that they can view the Clan Rankings before joining one.

-        Adjusted the rules of the group rewards from Clan Training that at least xx people from the Clan are required to complete the training to collect the rewards.

-        Increased capacity for Clans that are Level 6 or higher.

3.Team-up recommendations for missions:
-        Team-up missions now support pop-ups that help players invite other players to teams quickly, as well as quick messaging, one-tap friending and inviting, etc.

-        Recruitments for Team-up missions can now be sent in the Clan Channel so that players can invite more players to their team.

-        Support for Daily Missions, Royale Pass Daily Missions, and Royale Pass Weekly Challenge Missions.

-        Pending Team-up invites will now appear in the notifications.

5.Main Menu Improvements:
-        The time required to enter the Shop and get supplies has been improved.

6.Magnetism framework: 

- The Charisma framework has been taken disconnected for the time being and will be relaunched after further changes are made.

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