Best Patch Notes 0.16.0 New Update in PUBG Mobile New Snow , Angry birds Lifts Amazing Update

Patch Notes 0.16.0 

Over All Improvments 
  • New EvoGround mode: RageGear 

  • New Classic Mode Features 
  • Snow Paradise 
  • Recuperating Updates 

The new Update for 0.16.0 will be accessible beginning December eleventh; the server won't be taken disconnected for this update. This update requires around 0.67 GB of extra room on Android and iOS for clients who have introduced the more established form. Players on various patches will be not able welcome each other, so please update as quickly as time permits after the discharge. 

  • Update before Dec.17th 
  • 50 Silver 
  • 2,888 BP 
  • 3 Day Winter Dress 

New EvoGround mode - RageGear: 

  • Players will be separated into two groups and arbitrarily relegated as the driver or shooters 
  • Demolish adversary vehicles to win 
  • Every vehicle is introduced with ground-breaking weapons, including the mounted Gatling, mounted Shotgun, and mounted RPG. 
  • Driver likewise gets the chance to discharge weapons while driving the vehicle. 
  • Get RageGear-elite things for a particular strategic impact. 
  • RageGear - TDM mode: Destroy a foe vehicle for 1 point. The group that accomplishes the objective score first successes. 
  • Get mode: The group that gathers the necessary number of Point Crates first successes. Point Crates gathered are lost once the vehicle is demolished. 

Exemplary Mode - Snow Paradise: 

  • Players get an opportunity to enter Snow Paradise, while lining for Erangel in Classic mode 

  • When players enter the match, they will have the option to take link autos on snow mountains and play free-form snowboarding. 

EvoGround - Loadout: 

  • Included a Loadout highlight. Players would now be able to enter the Armory framework from the Team Deathmatch Selection screen and access the Inventory screen to alter the weapon and things they bring into the match. Loadouts can be exchanged unreservedly when entering Team Deathmatch and while respawning. 

  • The assortment of weapons that you can use in the loadout increments alongside your Evo Level. Every gun has its own dominance level, which players can raise to open more connections. 

  • The guns, ammunition and different assets that are produced at the generate point in the Team Deathmatch guide will be evacuated. As a matter of course, all guns that are dropped when an adversary is slaughtered in Team Deathmatch will have all connections. 

TPP Update: 

  1. A catch to change to FPP has been added to TPP in Classic, Arcade and Training grounds. 
  2. Tap the catch to change to FPP even while inside a TPP coordinate. 
  3. The catch can be moved and even be incapacitated in settings. 

Exemplary mode - Healing while at the same time moving: 

Restorative things that players can utilize while moving include: Med Kits, Painkillers, Energy Drinks, Bandages, First Aid Kits, Adrenaline Syringes and some consumables from different modes. 

Development speed will be decreased while utilizing consumables. 

Exemplary mode - Healing ceaselessly: 

Swathes can be utilized ceaselessly naturally to reestablish wellbeing. 

Rucksack Ornament: 

Same adornment is utilized for Level 1, 2 and 3 knapsacks of a similar sort. - 

Adornments influence normally after they are held tight a rucksack. 

Observer level confinements: 

Low-level players will never again have the option to spectate high-level players 

Keep con artists from profiting wrongfully from this element. 

Amicable fire slaughter limitations: 

Players can decide to anticipate the colleague who takes them out or slaughters them, from getting their things in Death Crates. 

Report a colleague for well disposed fire to prevent the mindful partner from performing further activities during the present match. 

Slide settings: 

Included a sliding setting highlight. 

The sliding component can be empowered/handicapped in Settings. 

When it is debilitated, sliding won't be activated in Team Deathmatch the activities of Classic mode will be kept up. 

Topic Gallery: 

The Gallery will show assets from the last 2 seasons to make it simpler for players to gather and scan for things. 

Players will get a prize once they gather all things in the Theme Gallery. 

Playing again after the match is finished: 

After independent players complete a match, they can welcome their partners to play another game. 

The individuals who acknowledge the greeting will come back to the Lobby consequently and collaborate with the player. 

Including companions after the match is finished: 

Subsequent to finishing a match, players can tap and utilize the Invite Friend highlight under their very own Avatar in the outcomes page. 

At the point when the welcome companion include is utilized, colleagues will see the solicitations sent by players. 

Colleagues can legitimately include players as a companion without trusting that the player will check it once more. 

Auto-Buffering highlights: 

Empower the auto-buffering highlight in Settings to consequently distinguish the battle outline rate. 

On the off chance that the edge rate is excessively low, it will assist players with bringing down the illustrations nature of the counterpart for smooth battle understanding. 


Added RageGear mode to rooms. 

Pack download reward: 

Included a guide download reward control. Download to gather the comparing rewards. 


Added accomplishments identified with the announcing of modules and RageGear. 

Exemplary mode - Firearm adjusting: 

Jolt activity sharpshooter rifles: Damage to the middle expanded by 30%, from 1.0 to 1.3. 

AWM: Bullet harm brought somewhat from 132 down to 120. 

SMG: Damage to the middle expanded by 5% and harm to the appendages expanded by 5%. 

Crossbow: Damage to the middle expanded by 40%, from 1.0 to 1.4, and harm to the appendages expanded by 20% from 1.0 to 1.2. 

S12K: Damage of every slug expanded from 22 to 24. 

Sawed-off shotgun: Damage of each fired discharged expanded from 20 to 22. 

S686/S1897: Damage of every shot expanded from 24 to 26. 

Shotguns: Maximum voyaging separation of shots diminished from 1,000m to 150m. 

Duckbill: Changed "expanded the flat spread of shotgun slugs and decreased vertical spread" to "expanded the vertical spread of shotgun projectiles and diminished even spread". 

Upgrades to the BRDM-2: 

At the point when players are in the vehicle, no one but partners can get in. 

Players from different groups can't get in. 

Inclining upgrades: 

Improved the edge when inclining to one side to give players a superior vantage point. 

Execution enhancements: 

Further decreased slack in Team Deathmatch. 

Improved the rendering asset use for high-spec models in TDM. 

Decreased asset use for some high-spec models. 

Improved the fundamental casing pace of some low-spec models to build smoothness. 

Further diminished the asset use of different models in fight. 

Smoothness while pivoting the camera, opening degree and traveling through the guide has been improved. 

Diminished the stacking time required for some Android gadgets to enter fight. 


Enhanced the exchanging between various activities to make activities look smoother and progressively common when exchanging between them rapidly. 


Adjustable settings of Team Deathmatch are presently independent from Infection mode settings. 

Players can set distinctive UIs for Classic mode, Team Deathmatch, and Infection. 

Outfit determination: 

Improved outfit determination to choose the sexual orientation before the facial shape, hair shading and different parameters. 

Upgrades to the sharing screen: 

More excellent things shared are presently featured. 

Upgrades to the Lab: 

Enhanced the Lab to lessen slack. 

Bug Fixes: Scene Bugs: 

Fixed a bug where the different sides of a structure window in Miramar were conflicting. 

Fixed a bug in Miramar which could make players become stuck in a kept space. 

Fixed a bug in Vikendi which caused players become stuck in stones.

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